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Redefining the online P2P lending niche..

After the financial crisis in 2008, online lending platforms emerged as a new method for small size lenders to place loans easily and quickly, bypassing traditional banks that had tightening consumer loan policies. This industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past 5 years and is expected to be worth $150 billion USD by 2025. This amazing new model with its short term interest rates, simplified application process and quick flow, is perceived as lucrative and continuously attract new lenders.

Such rapid growth made the relatively small banks loans decrease substantially over the last 10 years and it was largely influenced by technological breakthroughs. That's where PassiveLoan idea came to existence, as we have been watching the online lending industry for the past ten years, we have noticed some major issues that we were eager to solve on international scale. First, we wanted to allow lenders to start with a micro budget of only $25 with ability to build trust and go as high as $100,000 which suppose to help increase our global reach with time. Secondly, we aim to provide substantially higher daily loan returns than any other similar platforms due to our debt allocation technology.

Our entrepreneurship started during Summer of 2006, back when I was working with my co-partner Bernard as private loan contractors for high NET individuals. We had to travel a lot and we were dependent solely on our brokerage abilities and growing connections in order to facilitate such type of contracts. Attending hundreds of formal meetings left little time for expansion yet it gave us precious insight on how bankers and lending brokerage companies managed to secure so many small loans over short periods. The ability to help so many people realize their dreams always inspired me and that's where this new idea took form.

Summer of 2006

In the midst of the 2008 financial crisis we have successfully managed to gather enough resources and man power to start our first electronic lending platform. It was still in a primitive stage and it was used as a simple instrument for locals to place their loan inquiries (of $10,000 on average) which our staff handled personally. We enjoyed great success over the years working like this as demand rose for our type of financial activity. Our enterprise evolved further as new payment technologies emerged and more personnel joined our team. By the end of 2015 we've noticed an important and definitive trend across the industry: loans become smaller, shorter, much more accessible and lucrative for the novice lenders and this is one of the prime motivators behind the inception of We are here to present the answer for this evolutionary trend and we have worked for years to perfect our platform to handle such demand!

Winter of 2008

By mid 2016 our P2P platform started taking form, driven by desire for excellence in service and concluding years of expertise in terms of capital allocation and lenders funds liquidity. Along with platform stability, technical stress test under high loads, lenders interface and support readiness. We’ve put all our know-how and skills into peer to peer lending platform and we truly hope to become the pinnacle of quality in such an exciting time for this industry!

Autumn of 2016

Recent Activities

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To be published in 2017

Today we are very pleased to announce the exciting and long anticipated opening of, a truly passive P2P online lending platform. This money making service is a product of long term experience, team work, research and refinements in the ever growing field of loans and capital allocation.

We provide an all-inclusive, easy-to-use interface where you can generate and observe daily earnings from loans placed with us. There are none similar to PL, we can work indefinitely, preserving all account values, so basically it can't be distracted, at worst slowed down only to rise again at times of demand.

You're invited to join and explore all of the platform merits, share our passion making this dream alive.

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We are preparing for the final testing stage of the 'PL Platform' and the 'SmartDebt Software' for pool capital allocations. All recent stress tests indicate that we can host ~100,000 lenders for the next 10 months without any upgrades to the current setup.

Incorporation of the company as an online entity for future representation is currently in progress now. As of beginning of this December all account tech' elements were integrated and tested for heavy load. In addition we've put two sys-admins in charge for security protocols, communications and encryption.

If everything will run according to our plan we expect the launch couple of months, somewhere by end of December and not later than mid of January.

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Stay Tuned for more upcoming news and events.

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