Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience have integrated the support contact form below this F.A.Q search section and we'll try to include all possible question and answers in advance.
Please take a minute to first search for your answer in our F.A.Q, this way you may solve your issue much faster than writing and waiting for our team to respond.

Yes, we are registered as limited liability company named:
To check our company registration certificate, please click here. Online check can be done here, searching #6225174.

Please visit this page, fill in the registration form, then proceed to account activation with your email.
The signup procedure is quite easy and fast, it takes about 2-3 minutes.

We will NOT tolerate multiple accounts per lender / IP.
If you use public computer or wish to register friends or family members using the same PC please consult with us first.

We're running a platform designed to help us all reach our dreams. An aim to deliver an indefinite profit system, an opportunity that will ultimately deliver the highest chance of profit consistency over the long term and unite lenders online from around the world. Please see about us page for more information about our history and vision.

No, there are no such fees. Registration and account holding is completely free.

At the moment we don't offer such support, but it's in our "to do list as a future service addon for certain" high net lenders.
We are always doing our best to reply fast to any support inquiry via our main contact channel available here.

You can see our lender's feedback and enter your own posted here.
We appreciate your feedbacks, it help us dearly so please take a moment to share your own experience with the world.

If you have questions or technical issues that you did not find in this F.A.Q section you are welcomed to contact our support team below.

We support micro budget loans of $25 up to $100,000 for a single loan transaction for the 5.2% Daily for 30 Days 'Default' plan and up to $250 for the 107% After 5 Days 'Trial' plan.

If you'll place a loan in the 5.2% Daily for 30 Days 'Default' plan, your return will be 156% after 1 month (30 calendar days), without exceptions.
If you'll choose to try us out with the 107% After 5 Days 'Trial' plan your total return will be 107% after 5 calendar days and you manage to make 6 cycles like that in a month for a total of 142% monthly = (7% x 6 cycles) 42% + principal = if you'll constantly re-loan.

The option to re-loan your earnings or place a new loan using a referral commission will be available if you have at least $25 in your account balance at any time.

Yes, the re-loan option can be done unlimited amount of times, there are no limits for the number of loans you may place.

Your loan principal is absorbed into the plan at the moment of initiation to generate future earnings (which in total will be greater than the loan principal) therefore as a result it is included in the profit.

To fund a loan with PassiveLoan, at first you'll have to get registered here Once registered, you can log into your private account area using the username and password (here). You will have to click on 'START LENDING' in the top right navigation menu, there under 'Lending eWallet Source' you can choose a payment gateway than enter an amount below and follow the next instructions to complete your loan. The transaction will be secured and convenient, takes about 1-2 minutes.

We are currently accepting the following eWallets as a payment methods: PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer and Payza.

All of the above payment gateways allowing fast, easy and secure service to make online payments. We highly recommend buying Bitcoin via bank wire or cash as a more convenient funding method for larger loans. You may begin by writing to our support here, or choose "Wire transfers" in the subject of the contact form below, and send us letter with more details about your future bank wire.

The minimal size for a single loan is $25 and the maximum is $100,000.
Please note that since inception and during the first stages of our development we've implemented various limitations upon the maximum amount allowed to lend. Those limitations are subject to change on a weekly base and may be completely gone in the future.

Please signup for free at any of the following accepted eWallets: PerfectMoney or BitCoin which takes about 5 minutes to register and can be funded rather fast, within 48 hours you can start lending with us, or Payza that can support members from the US.

All of the above ewallets have many quick funding options, such as: bank wires, credit cards, checks, cash via western union or GMT and even other digital payments such as: PayPal, BitCoin, Webmoney, Skrill etc). Only exception is that some methods take longer time or higher fees than others, like Payza, which requires a bit longer verification process to complete and higher transaction fees.

Usually a loan get credited instantly and become active. You can monitor your loan/s inside the private 'MY ACCOUNT' page shown 'Active Loans' or inside the 'HISTORY' page. If you don't see it credited immediately (can happen with BTC loans) please be patiant as it won’t lose its time signature. By the way Re-loans are credited instantly at any time. If you place a loan with BitCoin funding, it may take up to several hours to show up and for bank wires / cash transfers it can take up to a couple of days.

You can re-loan directly from your account balance, simply login into your private account here. Than click on 'START LENDING' in the top right navigation menu, there under 'Select Re-Loan Source:' you can choose a payment gateway than enter an amount below and follow the next instructions to complete your loan. The transaction will be secured, instant and convenient and takes about 1-2 minutes.

Yes, you can easily fund new loans with your chosen eWallet (digital payment) options, such as BitCoin via Credit or Debit, Master & Visa cards in here, or in Payeer directly via their site in here and pretty much by any other payment method existing today using PerfectMoney recommended exchangers service, you can always contact us for advise on more funding options and other exchangers.

We are always monitoring members demand, most our eWallets options are similar to PayPal with live support for customers and bigger selection of funding and withdrawals systems. You can find links to each one of our supported eWallets below (click on their logos on in the footer to find out more).

At this time we don't accept bank wires from USA, but we are working on a solution. Until then you can use cash transfers, or for bank wire please exchange your bank wire into one of the supported eWallets that will accept your bank wire: BitCoinand Payza.

No, but using the eWallet internal exchange you can convert for instance EUR to USD and send us.. You can load your balance inside the electronic wallet provider with whatever currency you prefer to work with, and then exchange it on their end to send us USD (some eWallets offer to exchange it during the payment action itself).

For Bank wires / cash transfers we prefer that you mark the payment currency as USD before you wire it, but if you don't have this option then we would accept your currency and convert it to USD.

You can withdraw your earnings by login in into the private account here.
Than click on 'WITHDRAW' in the top right navigation menu, there under 'Withdraw To eWallet:' you can choose a payment gateway than enter an amount below and follow the next instructions to complete your withdraw. Please note that you'll have to include your 'Withdraw Code' to be able to request a withdraw.

You can cancel you withdraw request by login in into the private account here. Then scroll down where "Withdrawals" column is and click on the red "REMOVE", then select the pending request (line) from the wanted table and click on its left [Cancel] link.

You can request a withdraw if you have atleast $2.50 in your account balance at any time.

No, in order to prevent money laundering we can't allow exchanging of funds between eWallets. Each eWallet has its own unique balance and your earnings from each loan will remain within that specific eWallet for future withdrawals or re-loans.

You can change your eWallet payment account details inside the 'SETUP' page. Note: You can't edit Payza account info after entering it for the first time during registration. To change your Payza account you must first make a fresh loan using your new Payza address and than provide a screenshot proving that it's the same account holder as before with updated email address. Please then contact us with the screenshot and a transaction batch and we will update it for you.

Your withdrawal requests will be paid to your eWallet as soon as it is permitted by the loan capital allocation software which
depends on the size of the lenders capital pool. Usually it takes several hours but there is no limit on how long it may take.

Business days are: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).
Working Hours are: 9:00AM - 6:30PM.

In that case you'll need to contact us so we can help you reset it, please contact us via our support form available here, and include your "Support Answer" to identify you as the true account owner.

There is a 5% management fee to cover our own operational costs and profit income.
Please note that this fee is subjected to change by the sole discretion of PassiveLoan at any time.

You can monitor the complete daily progression of your active loans in the INTEREST EARNINGS section inside the 'HISTORY' page

For the "5.2% Daily for 30 Days" 'Default' plan, earnings will be automatically credited into your PassiveLoan account balance every 24 hours after placing a loan and every day forward for 30 calendar days. For the "107% After 5 Days" 'Trial' plan, earnings will be automatically credited into your PassiveLoan account balance after 5 calendar days.

Your account is updated in real-time.

If you have not added your eWallet payment details during registration, you may add it inside the 'SETUP' page at any time.

You can change you withdraw Code or Password by login in into the private account here. Then click on 'SETUP' in the top right navigation menu, there under 'Personal Account Setup:' you'll have the desired forms.

In that case you'll have to reset your password, by entering your username or e-mail address into our secure Forgot Password Page.
You will receive an email to confirm this action and identify yourself.

Please write to our support here, choose "Profile Change" in the subject, then let us know to what email address you would like us to change and why, also please make sure to include your "Support Answer" for identification.

Yes we have a multi-level affiliate program that pays 2-10% instant commission for every lender you introduce to us and you will keep on getting 2-10% forever as long as your downline keeps adding fresh funds into PassiveLoan. Also we have a 2nd level master affiliate plan that pays 2% commission for every new loan made by your referral's downlines.

Below is the table of % commissions:

5% commission for referred loans of up to $250.
8% commission for referred loans equal or above $250 and up to $2,500.
10% commission for referred loans above $2,500.

Below is the table of account statuses:

Affiliate status will be awarded $250 bonus when they manage to bring 100 active referrals and additional $250 when they reach 200 referrals.
Representative listed in our representatives page, will receive $100 bonus once they have 20 active referrals under their wings, and additional $400 bonus for reaching over 100 active referrals.
V.I.P status is given when affiliate or representative reach 300 active referrals, or above $15,000 in total referral commissions. They are awarded extra $500 bonus (so in total they've already received $1,000), and moving forward they will get extra $500 for every 100 additional active referrals.

This is an amazing opportunity for long lasting income that can earn you a commission of up to $15,000 on each loan funded by your referrals.

Please make sure to watch for your status / progress and let us know once you've reached one of the above goals to be able to receive a bonus.

Yes you may and you're welcome to signup and join our affiliate program for free.

First of all, there is no promotion better than the one delivered personally from mouth to ear, letting your friends and family know about your true experience with PassiveLoan.

You can freely advertise us in your social circles using Facebook, Skype, forums, etc.. You can use our promotional banners inside the 'AFFILIATES' page (when logged-in). In any way you choose to promote us you'll have to use the unique referral link given inside the 'AFFILIATES' page, you can simply copy and send it to your targeted audience via instant messaging, email and social networks.

To see your commission stats please login into the private account here.
Then click on 'AFFILIATES' in the top right navigation menu, there you will find your 'Referring URL' on top and commission stats below.

NO, we will not tolerate any type of SPAM or solicitation. If you are caught spamming, you will be banned and your account with us will be closed.