Funds Flow Diagram

The scheme below demonstrate the flow of funds within the PL platform. To receive loan profits using PassiveLoan's friendly interface every lender is required to wait (seed) his initial loan principal for 20 days. Meanwhile, for every day with a loan the platform will return 5.2% to you (from the collective lender's pool). On the 21th day, our platform would find and allocate the queued earnings portion, which concludes the total lent period and with that honors your 10 days of predefined net profit. Lenders Pool

Banking partners/eWallets observed by SmartDebtTM Software

Lenders eWallets and Banks


~16% of seed funds are
sitting idle

Lenders friendly interface

Asking for withdrawals

Placing new loans

lenders (you)

Placing new loans
Asking for a withdrawal

SmartDebtTM Application

Logistical Distribution of Seed
Funds Between Lenders.

New loan

  • Day 0100% goes to pool
  • Day 15.2% Return
  • Day 210.4% Return
  • Day 315.6% Return
  • Day 420.8% Return
  • Day 526% Return
  • Day 631.2% Return
  • Day 736.4% Return
  • Day ....41.6 - 98.8% Return
  • Day 20104% Return
  • Day ....Profit days
  • Day 30156% Return
* lenders pool


of funds consists of extras came from external inflow of growing demand


of funds consists of seeding funds yet to pass 20 days of maturity


16% of all lent funds.

First in Queue

Consist of lenders who reached their 20th day (and up) of the loan cycle

Those who began generating actual profit on their passive loans

Last in Queue

Fresh immature loans
(less than 20 days old)

Lender Progression

* Lender Pool works with a simulated / mirrored version of the real 'Lenders pool' (located on the left), to compute how much funds must enter and leave the pool at any given moment, as long as there is decent amount of demand.

Recent Activities

Stay Tuned For News

To be published in 2017

Today we are very pleased to announce the exciting and long anticipated opening of, a truly passive P2P online lending platform. This money making service is a product of long term experience, team work, research and refinements in the ever growing field of loans and capital allocation.

We provide an all-inclusive, easy-to-use interface where you can generate and observe daily earnings from loans placed with us. There are none similar to PL, we can work indefinitely, preserving all account values, so basically it can't be distracted, at worst slowed down only to rise again at times of demand.

You're invited to join and explore all of the platform merits, share our passion making this dream alive.

Full news..

We are preparing for the final testing stage of the 'PL Platform' and the 'SmartDebt Software' for pool capital allocations. All recent stress tests indicate that we can host ~100,000 lenders for the next 10 months without any upgrades to the current setup.

Incorporation of the company as an online entity for future representation is currently in progress now. As of beginning of this December all account tech' elements were integrated and tested for heavy load. In addition we've put two sys-admins in charge for security protocols, communications and encryption.

If everything will run according to our plan we expect the launch couple of months, somewhere by end of December and not later than mid of January.

Full news..

Stay Tuned for more upcoming news and events.

Full news..