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big bonus upon performance!

We offer an extra reward for reps achieving certain goals. Get an amazing $100 bonus if you bring 20+ active refs and regular 5-12% com' on new loans your downlines make.

If you would choose to appear on the list of representatives below, please note that this opportunity comes with a big responsibility. You may enjoy getting direct traffic from us (which translates to extra income), but you must be ready to assist every new comer by the means of contact you have provided. If you're entitled for reward please contact us.

List of Representatives

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Kentaro Adachi
Sole Boku
Mansari Hisaeda
Osmond Ogbu Osyogbu
Thomas Fidelis
Pawel Guzik
Paweł Kędra
Trevor Matty
Roxanne Cross
Investors Care
Mark Cuong
Pham Quang Nghiep
Le The Duong
Thinh Dao Van
Minh Nguyen
Nguyễn Anh Dũng

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To be published in 2017

Today we are very pleased to announce the exciting and long anticipated opening of, a truly passive P2P online lending platform. This money making service is a product of long term experience, team work, research and refinements in the ever growing field of loans and capital allocation.

We provide an all-inclusive, easy-to-use interface where you can generate and observe daily earnings from loans placed with us. There are none similar to PL, we can work indefinitely, preserving all account values, so basically it can't be distracted, at worst slowed down only to rise again at times of demand.

You're invited to join and explore all of the platform merits, share our passion making this dream alive.

Full news..

We are preparing for the final testing stage of the 'PL Platform' and the 'SmartDebt Software' for pool capital allocations. All recent stress tests indicate that we can host ~100,000 lenders for the next 10 months without any upgrades to the current setup.

Incorporation of the company as an online entity for future representation is currently in progress now. As of beginning of this December all account tech' elements were integrated and tested for heavy load. In addition we've put two sys-admins in charge for security protocols, communications and encryption.

If everything will run according to our plan we expect the launch couple of months, somewhere by end of December and not later than mid of January.

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Stay Tuned for more upcoming news and events.

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