Operational Jurisdiction

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DELAWARE registered company

Of the corporations that make up the Fortune 500 , more than 50% are incorporated in Delaware. For many years, Delaware has position itself as a welcoming home to credit and lending related business because of low to no taxation, a fact which enable us to increase transactions profits complying a favorable law flexibility.



On the left you have an option to obtain the digital copy of our American Delaware state company incorporation document. You are welcome to check for company activity status online anytime:

Server Data Protection & Accessibility


We have implanted advanced security features to prevent unauthorized changes, it will monitor changes and email you a one time verification code.


To prevent password hacking and key-logging, we've implanted virtual keyboards on every sensitive form on site to keep your password safe at every login.


Our system detect suspicious login activity involving changes of location (IP Address), pc, and failed logins over short timeframe and confirm it with login pin.


We host our site platform on a multiple dedicated servers globally with mirroring technology, in case of a DDOS attack we’ll be able to solve it smoothly.


We employ two top notch security admins, working shifts day & night to monitor any spike, hacking attempts or slightest hiccups in our platform.


An Extended Validation SSL Certificate was issued with the highest 256 Bits data encryption to prevent sensitive data hijacking during communications.

Pool’s Capital Segregation & Insurance

POOL CAPITAL a rule we established to utilize the lender pool of funds and allocate them in a way that every lender gets his earnings within set timeframe. For this purpose we have established a working model plan (shown here) with a primary goal to find enough funds to honor withdrawals while keeping extra funds liquid to enable quick flow between all our eWallets. Our business accounts are segregated and can be used only for daily work with reserves spreaded at multiple locations, ready at will.

INSURANCE the indefinite nature of PassiveLoan platform allow us to preserve your account value at all times. The demand for lending services (especially at the rate we offer them) probably won't stop existing in the perceivable future, thus the worst case scenario for you only involves waiting longer in queue until the pool of loans is refilled.

Recent Activities

Stay Tuned For News

To be published in 2017

Today we are very pleased to announce the exciting and long anticipated opening of PassiveLoan.com, a truly passive P2P online lending platform. This money making service is a product of long term experience, team work, research and refinements in the ever growing field of loans and capital allocation.

We provide an all-inclusive, easy-to-use interface where you can generate and observe daily earnings from loans placed with us. There are none similar to PL, we can work indefinitely, preserving all account values, so basically it can't be distracted, at worst slowed down only to rise again at times of demand.

You're invited to join and explore all of the platform merits, share our passion making this dream alive.

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We are preparing for the final testing stage of the 'PL Platform' and the 'SmartDebt Software' for pool capital allocations. All recent stress tests indicate that we can host ~100,000 lenders for the next 10 months without any upgrades to the current setup.

Incorporation of the company as an online entity for future representation is currently in progress now. As of beginning of this December all account tech' elements were integrated and tested for heavy load. In addition we've put two sys-admins in charge for security protocols, communications and encryption.

If everything will run according to our plan we expect the launch couple of months, somewhere by end of December and not later than mid of January.

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Stay Tuned for more upcoming news and events.

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